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This Diving website is all about Scuba Diving With GoPro Cameras. Check me out on Google for more pictures and videos.

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Great View of the Pearl of Papau from the bow on the mid deck. This makes me want to go back to Indoneshia.


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The new revolution in GoPro accessories is about to begin after this last GoPro IPO offering. In Europe the name of the company is Cartel Revolution. They are going to bring the best quality GoPro accessories to you at the best prices possible. 

Cartel Revolution has decided to team up with and use their fulfillment network to fulfill all orders. This means that the end GoPro User will have their camera accessory right when they need it before a holiday to capture their adventure.

My #new #home. I can only #wonder what #lies #beyond the #path por me  (at Barcelona Catalunya)

My #new #home. I can only #wonder what #lies #beyond the #path por me (at Barcelona Catalunya)

#metro #bcn  (at Plaza Urquinaona Barcelona)

#metro #bcn (at Plaza Urquinaona Barcelona)